Published twice a year, Wrap magazine is a celebration of the very best in contemporary illustration, design and creative culture.

Here we share work by illustrators we admire, highlights from our magazine and news about our range of illustrated stationery products.

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This Cityscape print by Claire Softley is mighty pleasing, excellent use of simple shapes and textures finished in soft tones.

BOO! Excellent lamp phantom from French illustrator Laurent Duvoux.

Splendid geometric flowers from Kingston student Mike Driver.

This intriguing object is illustrated by Nicole Ginelli, and was created for the August edition of The Pendulum. Check out more of Nicole’s vibrant illustrations at

Lovely voluptuous ladies by graphic artist and animator Kyle Strope

We’re really enjoying Nick Deakin’s use of a simple silhouettes and pattern in this series of risograph prints, available from his online store

Pom-pom fringing, geometric shapes and excellent needlework – what more could you ask for from a cushion cover?!

By Esther Sandler; available from her Etsy store.

Pat Bradbury gives the world a piece of his mind with this hilarious gift card for our Wrap collection. The range includes a variety of funny sayings and musings from Pat, originally created for his ‘Very Silly’ zine, published by the good folk at Standard Issue

See the full collection of cards on our online store:

This fun egg diver is by recent Arts University Bournemouth graduate Florence Zealey, and was created for her ‘Food That’s Better Than Hugs’ zine. Sounds good to us!

See more of Florence’s work at:

Geometric overload with this animation by Vincent Tsui, created for the Loopdeloop challenge.

Luscious greens, pastel blues and pops of reds and pinks fill this gorgeous succulent-inspired print by Saskia Pomeroy for our current edition of Wrap magazine. Entitled ‘Macro Jungle’, Saskia told us she wanted ‘to try and capture the plumpness and smoothness of plants like cacti and money trees’, which we think it does excellently.

Saskia’s artwork is available as a pull-out print/wrapping paper in Wrap issue 10 - ‘Into The Wild’, alongside a fascinating in-depth interview with her. Order online at: 

More like paintings, with their lovely gloopy drips and lumpy bits, than his usual more planned looking graphic art, we’re really excited by Rob Lowe's (aka Supermundane) striking new series of images for his current solo show ‘Stupid Nature’ at Beach London.

The exhibition continues until 31st August.

The nice folk at Puck Collective sent us over a preview copy of their first annual last week – Puck Collected 01: The Deep, packed full of on-theme illustrations by all 40 (yes 40!) of their members. With elegant mermaids, deep sea divers, funny-faced fish, as well as more abstract interpretations of their theme, you’ll find work by some really exciting current artists including Alec Doherty, David Biskup, Margaux Carpentier and Ruby Taylor to ogle over and admire inside.

Pick up a free copy of the newspaper-style publication (along with a free beer), at their launch night this Thursday at Beach London.

A double high five from Crispin Finn

We’re really enjoying this print by the London design duo, created especially for Soma Gallery's current 10th anniversary exhibition. The show includes ten(!) uplifting prints by artists including Gemma Correll, Hazel Nichols, HelloMarine and Peskimo – all available to buy online here, or even better, to check out in person here… Soma Gallery, 4 Boyces Avenue, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4AA.

Excellent abstract shapes and Memphis-inspired patterns adorning these paper-bags and envelopes by Rissotto Studio

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